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T3Report does not reply on sources like Alexa or screen-scraping through Search Engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for its data.

Our web spiders have been documenting the linking relationships of websites for the last four years. See Database Stats for a summary of our collected data.

T3Report is a subscription service. Target domains of interest, such as competitors or complementary websites, are entered into the online system. The web spiders re-visit every website that links to the target domain as well as every website that links to the websites linking to the target domain.

The reason for this deeper spidering is to gather data for the T3Flow Metric. The T3Flow Metric is our method for ranking websites by potential traffic based on the linking relationships. We do not have access to web logs stats of the websites so we had to create a way to rank the websites as leads to maximize the time and effort by our customers.

Screen-scraping or any other methods of extracting data from the T3Report service other than the methods provided with T3Report constitutes a breach of contract and service agreement will be terminated with no refund.

T3Report is offered with unlimited domains to research. The more domains that are entered into the queue for processing, the longer the processing. If T3Report is used by multiple users, they can use the same logon, but overloading the amount of domains to view will slow the account. Larger companies and multi-divisions should get their own account if the number of users and the volumne of domains is overwhelming the system. An additional account is an additional subscription.




21-July - T3Report v6.0 will be released in a few days. v6.0 incorporates a CRM function to make it easier to manage the communications of contacting affiliates. v6.0 will also include a web snapshot of the website home page for a quick view of the website without visiting the website.